Heavy Equipment Repair Palmdale, California

5 Nov

Heavy Equipment Repair and Maintenance Palmdale, CA and Lancaster, CA SMD Mobile Mechanic Antelope Valley, CA

If you’re looking for Heavy Equipment repairs, service and maintenace your search is over!  SMD Mobile Mechanic, in Palmdale, CA, specializes in heavy equipment repairs and covers the entire Antelope Valley, CA including Lancaster, Rosamond, Acton, Agua Dulce, Leona Valley, Lake Hughes, Mojave and more.  Shawn Dickens is the owner of SMD Mobile Mechanic and besides being a great automotive mechanic for cars & trucks, he specializes in heavy equipment.  Backhoes, skid steers(rubber tire or rubber track), skip loaders, excavators, scapers, blades, dozers, compacters(walk behind, remote or ride on).  He also services Lo Dril, Mait, Tes Car, Spira Drill, Casa Grande, drilling rigs.  Repair of hydraulic and electrical systems.  Welding fabrication and hard facing.  Equipment Servicing with choice of manufacture or aftermarket filters and fluids.  Specializing in Caterpillar, New Holland, Mustang, Bob Cat, Lo Dril, Mait and Tes Car equipment.  If you need repairs, service or maintenance on your heavy equipment, call Shawn at (661) 435-4124 and he will come to you.  A mobile mechanic who you can trust to do the right thing for the right price!

SMD Mobile Mechanic / 2920 East Avenue R-7 / Palmdale, CA   93550 / (661)435-4124 

You can e-mail Shawn at smdmobilemechanic@yahoo.com  or visit his website at  http://www.smdmobilemechanicantelopevalleyca.com/


28 Sep


THE PLUMBER Antelope Valley, CA

Call THE PLUMBER in Lancaster & Palmdale, CA

Plumber In The Antelope Valley, California

When searching for an honest plumber in Lancaster CA, Palmdale CA and the Antelope Valley CA, you want a plumbing company you can trust.  For hot water heater installation, pipe leaks, sewer problems, drain cleaning, slab leaks, garbage disposals, shower heads, sink replacement, or any plumbing problems that may occur, who should you call?  Call THE PLUMBER of course!  THE PLUMBER is a local small business in the Antelope Valley, CA that has built it’s reputation by being fast, reliable, professional and above all, HONEST!  THE PLUMBER is highly recommended by many small business here in Palmdale & Lancaster, CA including my business, B&D Appliance Repair.  I only recommend local small businesses that I use myself & trust and THE PLUMBER is who I recommend to all my friends, family & customers.  With so many dis-honest companies out there, isn’t nice to know you can call a plumber that wont rip you off?  For more information on THE PLUMBER, please visit one or more of the following websites:  Plumber Antelope Valley, CA  or  Plumbing Company Lancaster, CA  or Plumber Lancaster, CA or  Plumber for Palmdale, CA  or you can call Robert at (661) 722-6039

Smog Check Palmdale CA

3 Sep

Smog Test and Smog Check Palmdale CA

CITY SMOG is your best bet for automotive smog test & smog check Palmdale, CA.  Located in the same building as Palmdale PitStop in the Mojave Desert.  An official Smog Station – Test Only Center.  Emissions inspections are their business.  They conduct an accurate, honest, and fast inspection.  If your vehicle passes the smog check, CITY SMOG will gladly issue you the pass smog certificate.  If not, they will explain and guide you through the right and easy way to fix your vehicle. CITY SMOG Palmdale, CA will also provide you with a consumer assistance program to help you fix your vehicle up to $500.  Diesel smog checks – DMV Renewal smog test – Gross polluter certification – Out of state smog checks – Regular smog Inspection – Test only smog Inspection.

CITY SMOG is ranked as one of Palmdale’s most reputable and trusted smog test only stations. CITY SMOG continues to provide California vehicle owners with excellent and speedy service.  If you are in need of a test only-smog check center in the Antelope Valley, I highly recommend “CITY SMOG” located at 10th Street East & Palmdale Blvd. in Palmdale, CA. 93550. 
And Tell Edward that Bob sent you!!  (661) 526-1111

Smog check and smog test Palmdale, CA

Ed Iskandar – Owner of CITY SMOG Palmdale, CA

Automotive oil change Palmdale CA

3 Sep

Oil Change and Filter for Automobiles & Trucks Palmdale, CA

Palmdale PitStop, located in Palmdale, California in the Mojave Desert, is a great choice for vehicle oil change service & maintenance.  An automotive fast lube & oil change service for the Antelope Valley, CA.  Besides oil change & oil filter replacement for cars, trucks & all vehicles and automobiles, Palmdale PitStop also offers lube, windshield wiper replacement, radiator fluid, transmission fluid, rear end oil, belt replacement and other automotive maintenance for your vehicle.  Palmdale PitStop is a locally owned small business here in the Antelope Valley, CA and a service business I highly recommend!  Supporting local small businesses is very important to me.  I’d rather help out the local business man rather than help the big companies get richer.  Keeping our money here in the Antelope Valley is very important for our local economy and growth.  Besides, you can’t beat the customer service you will receive at Palmdale PitStop and that’s because the service technician attending to your car or truck is the owner!  When the owner of a business is the one doing the service, you can trust that more care & concern goes into the quality of the work as compared to an employee of a large chain.  I’ve been very happy with the service and Palmdale PitStop is one of my favorite small businesses here in The Antelope Valley, CA.  When you need an automotive oil change in Palmdale CA, you should try Palmdale PitStop.  And tell Rob that Bob (the appliance guy) sent you!!!  (661) 273-7672

And for automotive repairs. we recommend SMD Mobile Mechanic Antelope Valley, CA

Automotive oil change palmdale ca

Palmdale PitStop 38411 10th St. East – Palmdale, CA 93550

Appliance Repair Links

12 Aug

Appliance Repair Resources & Links

At B&D Appliance Repair Service in Palmdale, CA Lancaster, CA and the Antelope Valley, CA, we like to link to other appliance repair companies in different areas and locations that can help you with your appliance problems.  You can see if we have a recommendation for the city & state you live in for washing machine repair, dryer repair, refrigerator repair and dishwasher repair to name a few of the appliance repair services offered.  Repairs for most major appliances include freezers, stoves, ranges, ovens, cooktops, icemakers and disposers. 

Here is a list of the appliance repair service companies we like and links to their websites for more information.

HIGHLANDER APPLIANCE – Your source for all home appliance repair on the South Shore and Boston, MA areas.

Dr. Power Appliance Repair – New York City’s Appliance Repair Specialist serving the New York and Metropolitan areas.

Appliance Repair For You is a local appliance repair service based in Prior Lake MN that repairs most major brand name appliances.

Appliance Repairs Wayne NJ—Astre appliance offers Wayne, NJ residents the best and most affordable appliance repairs.  We repair all makes and models of household appliances.

If you would like your Appliance Repair Company on this list, with a link to your website, send me an e-mail with a short description and your website link.  If you appear to be an honest appliance repair service that takes good care of their customers, you have a good chance of making this list.  I will e-mail you back to let you know if you are approved.

-Bob Meadows / B&D Appliance Repair Service / Palmdale and Lancaster, CA


Finding An Honest Appliance Repair Service in The Antelope Valley, CA

18 Oct

Please go to our new site for this article and more appliance repair articles from Palmdale, CA Lancaster, CA and the Antelope Valley, CA.  Just go to Antelope Valley Appliance Repair Blog

Be sure to check out my new article on blogspot titled “Appliance Repair or Appliance Replace?”

Thank You,   -Bob (the appliance guy)   Lancaster Appliance Repair

When your appliances break down who do you call?  Do you already have a company that you’ve used before and are happy with the service?  Or do you feel you were ripped off the last time,  and rather than go through that again,  maybe you’ll just buy a new one?  Unfortunatly there are dis-honest companies out there that only care about how much money they can get from you.  There are also good honest companies that do the right thing, give you the right advice and charge a fair price for their service.  How do you know which is which?  Here are some key steps to finding the right Appliance Repair Service in your area.

1.   Ask your friends for a referral. The very best way to find an Appliance Repair Service is by “Referral”. When someone you know recommends a company they were completely happy with(which includes service, price, professionalism, etc.)then you already know you’re getting a good company. Just be sure you trust this person’s opinion!

2.     Look for license and insurance. The ad you’re looking at should say “Licensed & Insured” and should have the company’s state license.

3.      Check to make sure their license number is valid and their insurance is current.

4.      Check the length of time the company has been in business at the same location, under the same name. A company with a long local history is a better bet than a recent startup with no history in the area.

5.   Look to see that they are in the major business internet directories.(yellowpages.com, superpages.com, google maps, yahoo local, etc.)

6.   Be aware that companies who spend a lot of money on advertising have to get that money from somewhere… usually in the higher fees they charge you.

7.    Weigh the benefits of the personal attention you will receive from a family-owned business vs the unknown technician a larger company will send. A local person has a reputation to uphold locally. A representative of a large national chain however, may or may not be concerned about giving you the best deals or service.

8.    Ask the name of the technician they are sending and ask to speak to him/her. It’s ok to ask them how long they’ve been repairing appliances and see if they will talk to you about your problem. If they are honest, they will discuss your problem with you. If you explain the symtoms you are experiencing with your appliance, they should be able to give you some possibilities of what type of repairs you may need. If they won’t talk to you about it, you should consider that a red flag.

9.    Ask a specific question. For example: “Hello, I have a Kenmore gas dryer that was working fine until today. It still runs fine but there is no heat at all. If all I needed was a new igniter replaced, which is part number 279311, how much would the total repair cost me? I understand that you may find other things wrong and the estimate you give me over the phone could change, but all I’m asking is how much would it cost me if all you had to do was replace the 279311 igniter?” If they won’t answer that question, it should be a red flag to you.

  • Before replacing an appliance, it’s worth a service call to find out exactly what’s wrong. Many times people will buy a new appliance without even checking out what it would take to fix the one they have. They assume it’s going to cost too much when sometimes it’s a quick, minor, inexpensive repair. (providing you call an honest appliance repair service.

How do you feel about this?  Do you agree or dis-agree?  I would love to hear how other people and other appliance technicians feel about this.

-Bob Meadows


B&D Appliance Service/Palmdale, CA


Whirlpool appliance repair Lancaster, CA

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